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Beeland solar founded in 2009, specializes in the research, development, manufacturing and sales of solar panel, solar system and related products.  Beeland Solar is located in zhuhai city, once of fast growing city in China which next to Macau. After years of innovation, Beeland has become a pioneer manufacturer  in solar line.


In an endless pursuit of perfection, Beeland certified by ISO9001: 2000, ISO 14001,IEC,CE. Beeland is focus on team work, R&D, cost effective goods to reach target of producing most reliable solar system for all customers globally. We listen attentively to our customers, and are constantly reviewing our business practices and procedures in order to make changes that will further benefit all our customers. Our reputation is built on the promise that ethical behavior and fair business practices will result in a satisfied and growing customer base.


As the increasing worldwide demand for renewable energy and the historical reliance on traditional fuel is being challenged by increasing environmental awareness, the focus has turned to a infinite nature power with no pollution. Under such responsibility and supported by profound knowledge of Beeland organization, that’s why Beeland has created with dedicated solution for the territory:

--For the people has no power but sufficient sun,

--For the people could not afford big solar grid-on system but just spend several dollar to have one light in evening to let kids reading,

--For the people saving Electric bill by using solar power.


Beeland is proud to provide you the top quality products with professional service exact matching your project of cost and performance requirement. 

Based on our mission:




and with quality we build our dignity,

you will find Beeland is your right partner to grow long termly!

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